Project Gutenberg DVD - April 2010


Welcome to the Project Gutenberg DVD, released on April 30, 2010. This DVD contains over 29,500 eBooks that are free to read, copy, and give away.

We encourage you to duplicate and give away free copies of this DVD to family, friends, neighbors, libraries, schools, or anyone else you think might enjoy receiving it. However, you are not permitted to sell copies of this disc. For more specifics on what you can do with this DVD and the eBooks it contains, see the files give_away.txt and do_not_sell.txt, along with the license contained in each eBook.

If you enjoy this DVD, please consider helping us create our next 30,000 eBooks by making a donation to Project Gutenberg. You can also contribute to the project by joining Distributed Proofreaders.

How to Use This DVD

Most of the books on this disc are stored in the zip format. Fortunately, most modern operating systems come with a zip utility already installed, so you may be able to just click on the zip file you want and view it directly. Note however that if the book is in the HTML format, and it contains images, you may not be able to see them when viewing the eBook in this manner. If this is the case, you will need to unzip the book to a folder on your harddrive before viewing.

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English has been omitted from the below list, as the vast majority of books on the disc are in English, and it would be redundant to relist them all.


This DVD was compiled by Aaron Cannon with suggestions and assistance from

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